The Lifelong CEIAG task group reflect the policy changes in the Department for Education and the new ministerial remit. This group maximises the opportunities supporting Careers England’s lobbying efforts, reviewing research and international practice.

Chair: Martin Vowles

Vice-Chair: Emma Gotz

Lifelong CEIAG task group objectives:

  • To develop a Careers England position statement on lifelong CEIAG and review its content annually
  • To promote the lifelong careers guidance agenda for all individuals
  • To identify emerging issues relating to the lifelong careers agenda
  • To develop and offer policy makers and Careers England members an informed viewpoint on areas of concern and developments relating to a lifelong CEIAG service
  • To recommend and support research to improve the quality and quantity of lifelong CEIAG
  • To carry out requests as necessary as directed by the Careers England Board
  • To provide a reference point on issues relating to learning difficulties and disabilities

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